Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Green Oasis, Inc. staff provides Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

Carpets take a beating with heavy foot traffic, spills, sand, salt, water and other messes that can make them look dirty and worn. Regular and professional carpet cleaning is the best way to extend the life of your carpets and also keep them looking beautiful for their lifetime.

Green Oasis carpet cleaning technicians are trained and prepared to deep clean your carpets correctly. It’s not recommended to use hot-water extraction more than once a year, which can oxidize carpet and break down the fibers. It’s also important that your carpet care provider uses processes that will not void your carpet warranty.

Regular carpet cleaning service is advisable to extend the carpet life and keep it looking clean and professional. Green Oasis, Inc. carpet professionals can provide your facility with several carpet cleaning options.

Shampooing – In buildings where it is not possible to avoid walking on the carpets for 5-6 hours. Shampooing allows for quicker drying of the carpet than extraction.

Extraction – Hot water with cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpets, agitated into the carpet fibers, and vacuumed out.

Bonnet Cleaning – This is an interim maintenance method that is often utilized for high traffic areas. It helps to keep the floor appearance looking clean in between more intensive cleanings.

Dry Cleaning – May be best for carpets that are more prone to moisture damage or that have round-the-clock foot traffic.

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